Nike‘s popular performance basketball shoe, the Nike Hyperdunk, has been upgraded for the start of the new decade with its transformation into the new and improved Nike Hyperdunk 2010. The new model will keep many of our favourite Hyperdunk features, like the Flywire upper, floating counter heel, and dynamic innersleeve, but replace the use of Lunarlite foam with a Phylon midsole and full-length Zoom Air bag. Expected to release in the first half of 2010, stay tuned for more detailed information.hd2010-2

Via Slam Online

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  1. man these shitz is hot i usually dont buy shoes to specifically hoopin but im might buy these to do that i fuckin love these they look like the first hyperdunks mixed with hyperizers hoooottttt!!!!!!!!!

  2. these look pretty cool, da one the i dont get tho is why everyone hates on da lunar foam. dats wut made da hyperdunks so comfortable in da first place, and in my opinion r way more comfy den dat zoom stuff. look at da hyperize der nice n all but der not near as comfy as the hyperdunks, and dats because they replaced da lunarfoam wit zoom air. over all dis looks like a dope shoe

  3. @eghhitsok – the Hyperize have LunarLite in the front, it says so on the bottom of the sole. I'm bias on ZoomAir for my performance shoes but you are right, Lunar is comfy!

    these are awesome! I love everything about the Hyperize, best balling shoes since my Huarache 2k4. I just hope that Nike learns from the Huarache collection and don't balloon the Hyper- collection. they absolutely murdered it by lumping on the weight and unnecessary designs and I'd hate for the Hyper- collection to suffer the same fate!

  4. lunar foam was a total failure because they have a short life once they take the shape of the foot its stays that way forever meaning if they stay flat they are flat forever whereas with the zoom air they have a long life and the shape stays the same regardless who wears them. lunar foam was meant for the casual shoe person who doesnt wear their kicks a lot such as shoe collectors and persons who wear dress shoes a lot.