Nike Foamposite Pro Spiderman First Look

Having shared a look at the grey/volt camo Foamposite One not too long ago, it looks like there’s yet another graphic/colorful pair of Foams has surfaced. While information about these Foams is relatively unknown, the colorway is definitely a site to see. Sporting an interesting mix of black, red and blue, one can’t help but associate this color combo with your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. While that is the playful name we are designating for these joints for the moment, don’t be surprised if a name change occurs once more info surfaces. Check out another look after the jump and be sure to keep rocking with SneakerFiles for more.

Nike Foamposite Pro Spiderman First Look

via Kicks or Die


  1. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I think these are kind of ill, and?
    ..I’m not even sure WHY. lmao.
    I think there are only a handful of dope Foams.
    Eggplants, Royals, Pine Green, Anthracites, & Gym Greens.
    ..for me, personally.
    Not feeling any of the other joints, really, especially this new wave of graphic joints.
    But THESE?
    For some reason I like’em. SMH. Don’t know if I like’em enough to drop cake on’em or put my feet in’em or not tho’.

  2. Good…I’m glad to see so many negative comments on here. People are finally realizing the Nike is killing foams. After the galaxies (minus the all whites), there has been NO foams that were worth coppin. The Air forces were coo, but I’m not into camo joints anymore. to each his own.

  3. SkreeDiab they need to stop with these foamposite designs. Just go back to the basic colors. These are horrible. Lmao


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