Last year, the world famous Nike brand celebrated three storied NCAA basketball programs with the release of the Dunk Rivalry Pack. In said pack, three different colorways were beautifully executed to pay homage to Big East powerhouses Georgetown & Syracuse as well as the ACC’s monster UNC squad. Thanks to fellow sneaker aficionados, speculation can now begin to run rampant regarding what seems to be Nike’s next “rivarly” collection.

It seems as though, this time around, Nike has in mind to use the world-renowned Nike Air Force 1 as well as the Nike Dunk to celebrate a different rivalry. From what we can tell so far, each shoe in the collection will sport some amount of snake skin, represent either the East or West (as represented on the tongue), and celebrate a specific sport (as represented through the head of a cartoon character that can be found inside each shoe). There are also rumors that certain big-name DJ’s like Clark Kent and sneaker icons like Eddie Cruz will have their input on any number of shoes that release as a part of what seems to shaping up as an “East vs. West Rivalry Pack.” We will make sure to update the world as more information becomes available. Until that time, which pictured sneaker peaks your interest the most? Much more after the jump.


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  1. the big profile dj's are DJ AM and DJ Premier. They were working on this before he passed, but from what i hear the samples are already done. Look out for a AM tribute sneaker.