Nike Dunk SB Low - Halo / Zitron

In January of 2009, Nike will be releasing their most popular model, the Nike Dunk SB, in a halo/zitron colorway. Though the name of the colorway may sound foreign to most sneakerheads, the colors used on the sneaker definitely are not. Even with the colorway yielding a light brown upper accented by a yellow swoosh and a cream midsole, this pair features a far from simple color scheme. The complexity of this colorway is exhibited through the use of bright blue and green leather on the rear and the front of the sneaker, respectively. The gum midsole finishes off this colorway and gives it a nice, clean look. These will be released in limited quantities as part of Nike SB’s January collection and you can pre-order your pair today at Kix-Files.

Nike Dunk SB Low - Halo / Zitron


  1. considering most of the upcoming shoes sb are coming out are just shit, these aren't too bad. but damn man, why is sb struggling lately? i saw the sample of the "mint chocolate" dunks that they aren't releasing and thought, ok so they're going to release the worst color ways ever and hold back the fire? man it sucks that they aren't what they used to be. okay here i go, NIKE SB IS DEAD

  2. ditto what Madne$$ said.

    nike sb is gone.

    gold box era is horrible.

    im praying the blue box is comming with some fresh ideas.

  3. you could almost call these the marge simpsons with that color way. if they did call em something like that heads would be all over em.i myself fall into that hype alot.

  4. nike has had a few bad release in the gold series but they have had alot of good releases. most of you haters are mad because the sb's arnt heat/expensive like the unkles, tiffanys, and old shit. but nike sb is doing good. a few good gold box shoes are the decks, lobsters, skate or dies, unfuturas, venoms, marshall amps, and a ton more. i know SB could of done better and they scrapped alot of good release but all you haters need to stop. also you guys are saying they are making lots of colorful shoes for hypebeast but sb has came out with lots of simple color ways which i own alot of. so in my opinion Nike sb is doing really well and all of next years releases are going to be super ill like the twin peaks. keep it up

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