Nike Dunk Low Socks - Black/White

An interesting pair of Dunk Low socks has appeared on the Internet and the for it being interesting is that it a color-way that has never been seen before. In the past Nike has released the Pigeon, Diamond, Homer, etc socks, those have been shoes seen in the past, the Dunk above has not been. Available now at RMK for $9.99.

Nike Dunk Low Socks - Black/White
Nike Dunk Low Socks - Black/White


  1. dez is sum straight firw rite here dough i aint coppin dere good if u plannin 2 git naked alot of da time n wanna be a show off wit da lights off but for sockz da price is unexceptable

  2. the price is really steep for socks. shows the kind of hype dunks have been getting

    since im cheap and i tend to ruin socks, probably not getting these. maybe at most, 1 pair just for basement party use.


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