Nike Dunk High - Ultimate Glory 

Tying in to the Ultimate Glory Energy Event in October, these Nike Dunk High’s take the use of elephant print to a new level. Adorned in a solid red and elephant print upper, these sneakers also featured “Ultimate Glory” label on the tongue as well as Chavez and De La Hoya embroidered at the heels of the sneakers. There hasn’t been much information to support the sneakers, but we assume red is used to represent the gloves and the names on the heel refer to the two boxers. Stay posted for more info. Via NSB

Nike Dunk High - Ultimate Glory
Nike Dunk High – Ultimate Glory

Nike Dunk High - Ultimate Glory
Nike Dunk High – Ultimate Glory

Nike Dunk High - Ultimate Glory
Nike Dunk High – Ultimate Glory


  1. 2 much elephant print!!! elephant is hot but only in moderation. and the overall shoe is too plain. red all over, really nike?

  2. idk why, but i really like these. if under $130 id really consider coppin.

    dont really care for the names on the back though.

  3. If they had the "chavez" & "de la hoya" renamed to "MANNY" & "PACQUAIO", I would cop in a heartbeat even if it reaches to $500+. PINOY PRIDE ya dig?!

  4. you kids are tripping. these joints are FIRE!!! remind me of vamp reds but high top. which makes them a whole lot nastier. id fight chavez or hoya for these kicks any day of the week. beat em up pacquaio style.

  5. Im a pirate I hardly see shoes in my lifetime. I have no legs gust a hunk of wood for my two legs but dam I wouldnt be found in these shoes even if I have to destroy my pirate ship. PS. Pirates are the best my nigga

  6. Seriously? Who would were this shit besides a blood? I don't even think a gang member would rock this crap. These shoes could be 10 dollars and I would pass on um! Garbage.

  7. arghhhhhhhh me maiteeee!!!! wasup to all my pirate cats, holding it down with the peg leg. its high tide, land a hoeeeee!!!

    why must you be a blood to rock the color red?? cats are too hard these days. SERIOUSLY!! quit playing ya self. thats some ignorant shit.


    elephant print and the boxing shit gave it some flare, but these joints look like they would bleed all over your socks no question…

    The exclusivness is the hottest thing about these. nope.

  9. How to easily identify the best managed the names is simple. The names is the cheapest of the three running at only $ 99.


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