After a few teaser images, we finally have our first look at the new Nike SB ‘420’ aka Cheech & Chong.

The design takes inspiration from the two aforementioned characters by using a bandana styled material that were constantly seen on the heads of the two bong buddies. We already know the white canvas will reveal a green suede made to mimic Cheech & Chong’s one true love… Mary Jane. They also come with alternate laces which may come in handy if or when the canvas starts to show the under layer.

These are set to drop on 4/20 (of course) and will be a very limited Quick Strike release.

Well, what do you think of these ‘joints’, are they dope enough for you?



  1. im so mad at these… this sucks.. i been lookin at those damn teaser imagines for nothin… imma just put on my skunk dunks and call it a day

  2. I think that any old school smokers or skaters would think these are the joint for real because they know how crucial Cheech and Chong is to the marijuana culture long before the 420 concept emerged. I give them an 8 just because once the “weed” is revealed, they will be red white and green. I try to avoid Christmas colors all year around.

  3. Didn’t you dudes read the post? There’s an underlayer once the white canvas wears off like the Liberty Dunks. But I ain’t gonna front. I thought they were gonna be way more creative and more RAD =( NOO!! G.narley F.reshmen K.rew

  4. ppl will just think you’re a blood…lol and when ur trying to explain ur stupid shoe about how its cheech and chong…ur getting ur butt whooped lol


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