Nike Dunk High Premium Euro Champs - Korea

You may recall seeing a small preview of Nike’s latest package, entitled the Euro Champs. The Nike Sweden Dunk High was one of the few models that were featured on here, but it is not the only one included.

The most recent addition to the package is the Korea Dunk High which features many different things including different shades of Red to the use of croc and patent leather. Look out for these and the rest of the other Euro Champs models to hit select Nike retailers and online sellers including eBay.

Nike Dunk High Premium Euro Champs - Korea
Nike Dunk High Premium Euro Champs - Korea

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  1. what the fuck?

    I think you guys have your info wrong (again). How the fuck would Korea be part of the EURO CHAMPS PACK? Korea is in Asia you fools.

    Damn i swear you guys just bullshit your way through every other post on this site…

  2. Some of The best DUNKS I’ve seen all year!!! Gotta get em hopefully Champs let a player get 50% off this weekend cause these will get ordered!!!

  3. iam bout to cop dese shyts and just to let youl no am not guna tell youl were dey at til i cop em which will be 2morow