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Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Announces the 2017 Designers

Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Release Info

Since its inception in 2004, Nike and OHSU Doernbecher Children’s have raised nearly $17 million. For their next Nike Doernbecher Freestyle in 2017, it’s expected to be much higher.

Today the Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 designers were unveiled. Currently it isn’t known which Air Jordans or Nike models will be available but we usually hear the announcement around October with the release taking place in November.

Continue to scroll below to meet all the designers with some background history. Make sure to check back with us for additional news and updates.

Andrew Merydith, 15: Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis. Perfect Day: Earning an A+ on finals and scoring the winning touchdown.
Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Andrew

Amyiah Robinson, 11: Diagnosis: Sickle cell anemia, indeterminate colitis. Perfect Day: No school and lots of candy.
Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Amiyah

Ethan Frank, 13: Diagnosis: Brain tumor. Perfect day: A road trip with family.
Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Ethan

Brody Miller, 11: Diagnosis: Complex dural arteriovenous fistula (complex brain malformation). Hidden talent: Expert on superheroes.
Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Brody

Joe MacDonald, 14: Diagnosis: Burkitt leukemia. Dream job: Counselor at camp for cancer survivors and siblings.
Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Joe

Carissa Navarro, 8: Diagnosis: Bilateral renal agenesis, end stage kidney disease (born without kidneys). Perfect day: Playing basketball on a summer day.
Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Carissa

Brayden Sparkman, 13: Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Secret talent: Pitching hard for his age.
Nike Doernbecher Freestyle 2017 Brayden

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Brian Betschart
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