flywire cortez

There have been several interesting creations from Nike’s hybrid department, but one in particular is the Nike Cortez Free Flywire, a classic sneaker that features new technology. The Cortez consists of a Free sole and Nike Flywire technology, a combination that results in a lighter and more comfortable Cortez. The Free Flyrwire Cortez is available in white/red/blue and navy/white. Via hs.

flywire cortez
flywire cortez


  1. will it also be 3x stronger than ordinary shoes?

    is there any other color like black/yellow combination?

    and the price?

  2. matt1847 said

    am October 11 2008 @ 8:10 am

    Stupid is is stupid does.

    ^^^^^^ Stupid is AS stupid does ^^^^^^ hahahahahaha

  3. Now Gangsters can run away faster from the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    ORALE HOMES check out my new Nike Cortez Free Flywire!!!!!!!!!!!LOL