Nike Coraline Dunk Shoe Boxes

Neil Gaiman’s horror novella, Coraline will be jazzed up when it hits theaters on February 6, 2009. In a media world by cross-promotion and synergistic behavior are commonplace, it’s no surprise that Nike conspired with Gaiman to produce 1000 pairs of Nike Dunk high tops to celebrate the production. All of the shoes in the boxes above will be given away for free!

Check the Coraline website for clues on how to win your pair!

Nike Coraline Dunk Shoe Boxes

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  1. def. gonna cop these. found tha clue, hopefully i can follow through with it hahaha i want these things

  2. I really did find the clue, but its not in the mothers living room either. Um, check in the garden…NUBS

  3. Shit I like how i added the N in the name on accident and it makes it look hella homo. LOL

  4. the clue is to stay until the end of the movie for a special code. the clue is in her room in the nike shoe box on the shelf…..

  5. Think about it, how many people are actually going to do it? If you find yourself actually pulling through and completing the objective, you may have a shot lol.

  6. Thank mr. Stort for spoiling it here, even if you could have looked somewhere else to find it, or spend like 5 minutes looking for the clue. Oh well, what are the chances of you Nubs actually winning. One in a thousand times X 1/999 x 1/998…

  7. ya'll are wack for not telling the truth…shame on you. And yes they had already said this information before so it really isn't a secret

  8. i actually read the book like when it first came out, i was a kid then; it's actually pretty good story.

  9. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i totally want those shoes

    i want 2 buy those how much

    does it cost??

  10. the nike coraline donk are so bad men…amazing shoes i can't belive that is 600 at 700$…but they look very good