The Nike Air Max line has been often used to pattern later sneaker designs, or at least borrow from some of the cues often times made famous by way of a Nike Air Max silhouette. While the Nike Classic Rival reviewed here may very well remind you of the Nike Air Max Classic BW, there are subtle differences between the two. First of all, the patented Nike air bubble unit on Classic Rival’s is much closer to the bottom of the sole, which also boasts a more outward identification with the Air Max line with the words “air max” in red placed just above the aforementioned air bubble. Furthermore, there is actually a hint of black patent leather on the shoe- near the ankle/heel area and on the entire Nike swoosh. However, these are reported to have only released in Europe, but you can still cop a pair from the Nike online store if searching under the European geographic location. Check in with us after the jump for more pix.

Classic Rival 2
Classic Rival 3