Nike Blazer High Rainbow Scribble

With all the success of the Blazer’s lately, Nike seams to be doing everything right, and this shoe continues the trend. The newest Nike Blazer, dubbed Rainbow Scribble, gets its name from its very obvious design. The shoe is covered in scribbles that fade through the colors of rainbows throughout. Expect these to go fast as they are one of the cleanest colorways in a while. Now available at Proper.

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  1. since others wanna diss on a Shoe ?Web site am just going to talk about THE SHOE ….. These are hard … dayummm might be muh first blazer's

  2. shit E-MAN hypebeast!

    really, though, i love these shoes. only thing stopping me is money's too tight to get shoes that drop at high-end stores like proper, and my girlfriend hates it when i wear high tops. too bad they dont make blazer mids, haha.