Nike Blazer High - Lemon Frost

The recently released lemon frost Nike Blazer High sports a two toned gradient upper composed of yellow and tourmaline. Furthermore, Nike has used a white swoosh to compliment those pastel colors, which adds a nice touch. Furthermore, a patent leather heel tab finishes the Blazer. The lemon frost Blazer High is available now via eBay.

Nike Blazer High - Lemon Frost
Nike Blazer High - Lemon Frost

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  1. hmmm its okay… some how it reminds me of the bright color of the high dunks those neon green and yellow but the blazer are not as bright

  2. ^^^U mean the highlighter dunks that came out w/ the back to school pack.. these r alright i could see my girl likin these for the summer…

  3. too cold…perfect summer shoe,^^^yea i agree they would look a tad nicer wit some white laces, but either way i will have these

  4. ^^ lol dude sed 'fresh like summer rain' hahaha

    but yuh these r hard. perfect summertime joints. 'all wite tee n a fresh pair of nikes on' lol these r mine.

  5. these I copped at wish in Atlanta on Thursday for 87 bucks. I wasn't even planning on coppin any shoes. I just happened to be skating wit some friends and we went in I saw them and copped.

  6. whoah! to anyone who got these in store, whiere did you pick them up? i'm having a bitch of a time trying to find them

  7. yo.. if anybody looking for these.. i know EXACTLY where to get them from. i GOT THEM ON THRUSDAY..

    and they we only 87 bucks..

    hit me up on myspace or whatever..

    and to the dudes who said they looked better with white laces… umm WRONG!!! the whote laces made them lok plain!!! the lime gave em more flavor! n trust me i TRIED..!!!