Nike Black Polka Dot Pack

I am happy to report we will once again see a Nike Polka Dot Pack in 2007, this time the main color is black. In this pack there is a pair of Nike Air Force Ones, Nike Air Footscape and a Nike Dunk which is not pictured. You can purchase a pair January 7th 2007. Via La MJC.

Nike Black Polka Dot Pack
Nike Black Polka Dot Pack

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  1. could you purchase shoes over this site? haha if you could what is the smallest size you have of the black polka dots dunks and how much would it cost? thanks

    xox jenny

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  3. This gives a poor impression of our nations' current slew of college bingers. Give me the old daze. A good honest drunk. A fight. A Chunk. A Refill. An HONEST drunk.

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