Released in a time period of high-top sneakers, Nike’s Big Nike High dates back to the late 80’s where it was released alongside some of the most timeless styles. The Big Nike High is returning  in 2009 in a few color combinations that includes the model above. Dressed in varsity red, white, black and gum yellow, the Big Nike High demonstrates not only a stylish silhouette, but an appealing colorway to along with it. Look for this Big Nike High in the Summer of 2009 along with several other make-ups. Pick-up a pair months before release on the ‘bay!

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  1. they look like a terminator mixxed with a jordan 1… maybe with a little bit of dunk fuzed in there. weird

    but not bad.

  2. 23 nailed it. I think theres a lot of the dunk in there though. I think its a really nice combo and i'll def be rockin them.

  3. The gum bottom is what makes the kicks stand out. That is the main reason I will get this style. Nike needs to use the gum bottom a little more. You know what I take that back because if they start using the gum bottom more it will be on every sneaker the put out.

  4. Wow I don't think half of the people who commented here even understand about the Nike Big Nike. I never thought I'd see these retroed again period much less as recent as 09. Finally Nike is doin sumthin right!

  5. spot on qnzman989. i saw these in a recent article and was blown away. i fell in them straight away cos there were the same but different to the dunks and aj1's. i never would've imagined that they would actually retro it. the great colour way is a massive bonnus !. looking forward to it