The Nike Sportswear team is constantly reinventing itself to come up with the newest and most technologically up-to-date sneaker designs in the game today. Take the recently previewed black-red/white Blazer ND, for example. For the Air Zoom Tiempo TZ’s pictured here, the Nike Sportswear team decided to work with someone it has a lot of experience doing so with- Lance Armstrong. Commemorating the rider’s hometown and other cyclists from the area, these Tiempo TZ’s read “Austin, Texas” when side-by-side and read left-to-right. The now iconic Livestrong color scheme is applied throughout the entire silhouette, using some tongue space to specifically shout out one of the city’s most iconic bike shops in “Mellow Johnny’s.” Come October 24th, 2009, this very pair of Nike Air Zoom Tiempo TZ’s shall release at a very select few Nike retailers such as Mellow Johnny’s itself and 21 Mercer in New York City. Make sure your funds are straight for this release- perhaps the best ever of its kind. What do you think? Check out more pix after the jump.

Via HypeBeast.