Nike Air Yeezy - Tan / White / Red

The Nike Air Yeezy has definitely come a long way since its first images appearing on several news sites with uncertainty. A few color-ways have hit the internet and the picture above is the latest to show Kanye West’s signature shoe.

Seen above, is the Air Yeezy sporting a tan, white and red color-way, colors of an outfit worn by Kanye West at the Concert for (Princess) Diana. Unfortunately, there still is no exact release date on the Air Yeezy, so stay posted for more details. Via Better Late Than Never.


  1. BEST RAPPER ALIVE…WTF ok remember… we are talking about a guy who has samples on most of his songs… who cried and wined like a little tiny bitch for not receiving a grammy and a vma…FYI kanye didnt get one cause he's not that hot… The Air Yeezy is freakin garbage… and the only reason people are saying these shoes are hot is cuz of the person wearing them… these shoes are garbage and KANYE has no sense of STYLE… i repeat he has no STYLE… what grown ass man do you know wears a damn back pack around like it's hot… he's not starting any trends and he's trademark shoes are not giving him any justice…..

  2. Best rapper alive? Damn, doggy…that's blasphemous talk. You really need to do your homework. Kayne's alright–alright, but man, he's not even cracking the top 75 rappers of all time.

  3. Kanye isn't the best rapper alive…he is one of the most stylish though…he's second to Andre 3000 on that original fashion shit…I would say that he's top 5 producer material too…and fuck all you haterz, those Air yeezy's are hot as fuck…stop being a fuckin bum and give those shoes props…JB is garbage, red, black, and white black is played

  4. First off Kanye West is not the best rapper alive everybody know its lil wayne duh! and 2nd off these shoes are teasers I mean come on do you guys really think you are going to get your hands on a pair of these yeah right, you can cop the fakes of these for $60. I mean Sneakerfiles have been showing these kicks alot and im tired of seeing these with no signs of a public release.

  5. Soulja boy!!????WTFFF……He is purre trash….wat da hell…Im tired of ppl hating on KanYe..he prob has more fashion sense den half of yall…so give em his props….n he is probably 1 of the best alive but still not da best

  6. Kanye west is DEFINITLY not the best rapper alive. Hes alright but not even close to as good as the others. And who would say Soulja Boy?! Here in Houston,Tx that music is straight up dead. I would have to say that Lil Wayne has the Best Rapper Alive title right now. Now to the shoes… They alright but probably not a cop for me.

  7. NO….Kanye is not the best rapper Weezy is, but if you listen to the mans lyrics you can see he is in the top 5 for the best mc's currently in the game right now. But we are not here to discuss that, its about the shoes. The shoes are alllrrriigghhttt, I mean, if I can get some clear pictures I might have a better opinion, but from what I can see now I really like them and I'm lookin at coppin a pair.

  8. ok the kicks look cool but i don't know what's up with the dude and them shorts…Yeezy be eeezy with who you take flicks with dun!…other then that though i'd get these joints, but i'd rock them on special occasions and have one on ice(do we stil do that?).

  9. dev said

    am June 16 2008 @ 10:50 am

    "NO….Kanye is not the best rapper Weezy is, but if you listen to the mans lyrics you can see he is in the top 5 for the best mc’s currently in the game right now. But we are not here to discuss that, its about the shoes. The shoes are alllrrriigghhttt…"

    I kuldnt hav sed it betta myself….

  10. Damn yaw some haters!!! Kanye aint the best rapper alive, but atleast let that nigga have his own shoe without all the criticism. Most of yaw thas hatin probably still listen to the album.

  11. Tha first colorways I saw of these, I thought were fresh, But I'm not feelin these tha more I see them. As far as rappin goes, Kanye is weak. But he nicer than Wayne's ass. Anybody sayin Wayne is tha nicest, obviously don't LISTEN to what his monkey ass is sayin. Yall must be fags cuz you know him and Baby be kissin on each other…yeah, he's real nice. Haha! But back to tha sneakers, if they release tha earlier colorways, I may copp.

  12. lol kanye is my idol but truth be told he not best. first jay-z thn weezy thn yeezy. tht shoes arent exactly my cup of juice but certain swags can pull it off

  13. Those kicks are VERY fresh. I would love to see them in detailed shots and in different colorways, but those shoes are definitely heat.

    Kanye….best rapper alive? EVEN MORE LAUGHABLE….Weezy? Lil Wayne and his garbage nursery rhymes? Seriously? Y'all don't listen to hip-hop I can surely tell that. Lil Wayne has great delivery and beats but he don't got any deep lyrical content. I remember my Too Short and N.W.A. days but I NEVER called Eazy-E or Shorty the Pimp the best rapper…….Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit noise!

    For you Lil Wayne fans advocating he's the best rapper…….Mark July 15th on your calendar (Nas "N" album drop) and learn something about hip-hop while you're at it:

  14. you kiDDn me HE isnT tha Best BUt HAs To b Tha MOst ORiginALLL and HAs Tha Besst Style whens tha last time you even seen tha nigga in a backpack the shoes r Original aint seen nothin like iit ii aint on his shit iim just sayin tha nigga can rap and tha nigga can dress no homo and the nigga shoes and half bad so its wateva

  15. All I have to say is…Jay-Z…Clipse..Lupe Fiasco….and if you cant respect that your whole perspective is wack…

    Can't wait for these shoes to come out none of the Kanye fans at my school know West has a shoe out..

  16. You rock those shits around kanye fans that don't know it's his kick…guarantee they'll hate on it.

    Then you tell about it and they'll just shrug it off, only to come back in 2 weeks: "yo those kanye kicks are hot".

  17. yall sum fuckin haters kanye is da best rapper alive he has award to prove it 2 hahah..and he has the most swagg and the shoes are stupid dope

  18. yall hattin on kanye….especially this dude (((RonSaysSo)))…dude who r??? n were do u get ur info from???id advise to get a new hobbie…the person that i see ridin kanye's dick is u…i mean come on now…u came all out ur way to come to this website to comment his pic…not once but twice…lol now doesnt that look a lil desperate…i mean if u dont got a compliment to give to kanye then y waste ur time commenting his pic…i think kanye west is talented n determined to change the game…which he has…wut rapper u kno makes platinum hip hop album then switches the game n makes a platinum r&b album?????exactly no rapper has done that…he is the truth…he done gottin to a car crash that almost killed him…the doctors even said that he would neva talk agian…r u kiddin me not only is he talkin but the dude is rappin n make hits after hits…n this comin from a dude that was neva supose to be talkin…the dude is the ire to ROCKEFELLER!!!!r u serious who u think Jay passin it down to??? Umm…(Kanye West)…ima end this rite…..THE ROC IS STILL ALIVE…


  20. WTF is yall problem…Kanye West is da best rapper alive…Yall lil White kids dont listin to his raps or mixtapes…Damn grow sum ears…Wezzy iz Fuckin Trash!!! He iz not gonna pull off dat Rebirth Album…Hez ass is done, nd Yezzy iz coming White Niggazz…P.s dem kickz are HOT!! as Hell!!…(NMS(No Mercy Squad) buy da album on iTunes Now!!)nd J-Kar Album The New Kid on iTunes

  21. To that mofo RonSaysSo… ''He's not starting any trends''

    Oh, okey, How about those glasses he wear?

    How about the Air Yeezy's?

    He even made his own music style big, Kanye's Not my favorite rapper, But he knows what he's doing, Get ur facts before u type shit >_>