With the first colorway of the Nike Air Yeezy down, Kanye West made a appreciation video for all of those that camped out, or came out to show support. Take it or leave it, Kanye West may have accidentally announced the one day a Nike Air Yeezy 2 (II) may release. Check this video out, and you be the judge.

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  1. yea i just won mine in a raffle lol i shipped them out today to some one in Canada for 882$. i think kanye west is wanker. thanks for the money kanye.



    Kicks look cheap as fuck and the fact kids was sleepin out for days on these is pathetic

  3. I think the kids who camped out were kinda smart. Spend 2 days waiting for a $215 pair of shoes , then sell them for $1000. Thats a good hustle $$$$$$$

  4. kanye wests shoes are nice. I went to upallnite.tv and read his interview in the complex magazine. He speaks on his kicks. It was a good story

  5. Kanye from shot this gorilla style on a boat. That is crazy. His shoes are clean as hell. UP ALL NITE went to gwet footage of him when he performed at the arco arena, His shoes were glow in the dark. Be sure to check that out. IT airs on april 23rd

  6. of course he'll come out with the yeezys two sometime in the future…think about it from a marketing perspective ppl come on…look how much money he made from the first ones…no doubt kanye and nike will design another shoe in the future…its all about marketing and business

  7. You guys are scrubs you waited in line i got my pair without waiting in line a reason why my cousin works at one of the stores that these kicks were released in and since i had $400 on me i just gave him $230 for the Air Yeezys,but i agree with all of you guys this shoe is overrated but i like the way they look and they fresh but they were over-priced and obviously it only sold cause it had Kanye West name all over it,if it didn't have Kanyes name o it would would never have this much hype.

  8. there will be a air yeezy 2. in 3 coloways, all red, all blk and all baige.. thats all i have to say..