Following a win over Oscar De La Hoya and before fighting Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquiao was honored with the creation of a pair of gold/red/white Nike Air Trainer 1’s. 100 pairs of the 200 created were distributed to friends and family of the Filipino boxer, while the other 100 went on sale at places like Las Vegas’ Undefeated shop. Now, a follow-up Air Trainer 1 dubbed the “Lights Out” pair will be released by Nike next Friday, September 25th- but only at the Nike flagship spot in Fort Bonifacio, Philippines. These glow-in-the-dark kix sport a predominantly black upper with slight grey and green accents and are also very limited- as only one pair per person will be allowed. How bad do YOU want these? We’re giving you about a week to come up with your master plan and snag a pair of these historical kicks that were aptly nicknamed after Manny Pacquiao’s dismantling of Ricky Hatton last May 2nd, 2009.

Via KC31.

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  1. shiiiit.. give us US release please!!! undftd HOH whatever.. give us the chance to COPPPPPP

  2. filipino roots baby! go manny! imma fly back to manila and make sure to cop one of these! so sick! 5/2/9 was the date he and hatton fought, 2:59 was the time he knocked him out…coincidence? i don't think so!

  3. Yes a coincidence mix. A good one too. And pac is releasing on 9.25 I'll see you there in Fort Bonifacio. Im airing on monday.

  4. i just flew into manila for work this week..i am going to try and find wherever the f#ck Fort Banifacio is and try and scoop these up…i hope they still have them….anyone have an clue if these are sold out???