Nike Air Pegasus '83 Free 7.0 Hybrid Sample

Today, we have a look at when Nike makes a shoe that combines classic with innovation. The Nike Air Pegasus ’83 Free 7.0 Hybrid is the latest in stylish runner technology, as the shoe comes complete with a Pegasus ’83 upper in red/navy and a Nike Free 7.0 sole. The light sole makes this shoe like a feather, especially with the light mesh material on the upper. The only thing is, these hybrids are one of one, and will never see the light of day at general retailers. All we can do is appreciate would could have been, and what is for the lucky owner.
Nike Air Pegasus '83 Free 7.0 Hybrid Sample

Via SO.

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  1. DO IT NIKE!.. these are fire. i've been waiting for shoes i can go to the gym with that dont look RE.