When the summer hits, it is no secret that more and more people can be seen taking advantage of the sun while also enjoying a competitive game of basketball. Yesterday we informed you of a Nike Air Pippen I that would look during some summer pick-up basketball games and that recently went on sale. Now we’ve come across another Nike basketball classic that is making an attempt at a comeback. Pictured here is the white/black-college navy Nike Air Max Uptempo 97, also regarded as the Nike Air Max Uptempo III, which has gone on sale through Eastbay for the retail value of $160. Throw these on with a throwback Orlando Magic jersey and you’re SET.
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  1. yea i had these when i was like in 6th or 7th grade as well. i already copped my pair off if you use code IPFLT684 on the purchase before the end of today you get $25 off. got mine for 143 shipped. just looking out..

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  4. imma pass on these i didnt like them back in the day and i dont like them now. im just gonna cop the motorsports and maharam airs and call it a day. when i get those white cement 3's im done for good

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