As if the comparisons to Michael Jordan’s skill set weren’t enough for Lebron James to rejoice over, many are also discussing whether or not Lebron’s signature sneaker line with Nike will ever come close to accomplishing what His Airness’ line has and continues to. Well, Nike and Lebron helped out King James’ cause a lot with this finished product of the Nike Air Max Lebron VII. And it is now time to test the selling ability of this Lebron VII as it begins to become available for purchase two months before its slated release date. The RMK Store now has these in stock. How much would you pay to rock these BAD BOYS months before you’ll be able to buy these at Nike retailers?

Via RMKstore.


  1. First of all,

    1) Only fools an idiots compare LeSPN to the best ever

    2) The shoes look too busy, but a good ballin' shoe

    3) It's funny how a lot of the LeBron's look like Jordan's, even his "Soldier" models: the only comparison between him and MJ.

    4) The toe patent leather to heel has been done to death! Get some new designers, Nike!!!

  2. first of all I agree with Just deal ^^, but these are the sickest LBJ's to come out and besides the one's these are the only shoe that can compare to Mike's. they are nice but they are probably gonna come out with some sh*++y @ss colorways like all of lebrons shoes. We need to get some carolina blue up in this b-b-b-it*h, just like mike

  3. Hopefully, people move on from the comparison. Stackhouse was next at one point. There is no next or any comparisons. But this is a great line of shoes… surprised about moving up the release date. I like the new season/new shoes buzz. Like Melvin ^ ,no more than asking price.

  4. nice shoes i buy this shoes no matter how much,,,money only a pis of paper,,the best player in the world,,,like mi,,,

  5. these are nice i think everyone needs to wake up and realize there will never be another mj and lebron is nowhere close to being that some of his shoes do look like they're made based off of some jordans.

    Why are they always making bulls colors instead of cleveland colors?


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