Just earlier today we brought you a look at the Miami Heat’s Jermaine O’Neal’s Nike Air Max A Lot Player Exclusive. From afar, it could be pretty difficult to decipher between that pair and the general release pair since there is only small hints of personalization throughout. However, there are a couple of more changes between the pair we now bring you a look at and the general release one. Pictured here is the Chicago Bulls’ Luol Deng’s Nike Air Max A Lot Player Exclusive that one would conjecture is supposed to be worn during away games. As opposed to how the general release version looks, Deng’s PE comes with a fading sole that includes white and red streaks on a black base, as opposed to simply a red and white sole. Lastly, you can see Deng’s name on the heel as well. Enjoy this look at Deng’s Nike Air Max A Lot as we brace ourselves for what could very well be more to come.



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