Nike Air Max 90 - Black/White/Blue/Red

A new interesting Nike Air Max 90 has popped up and is unfortunately nothing to get too excited about. This Air Max 90 sports a Black/White/Blue/Red color-way along with a random Black and White pattern at the back of the shoe, however the use of mesh instead of leather is a nice plus. The Red stitching as well as the laces adds a nice touch to what would be a rather lackluster looking trainer. This pair should be releasing later this year and possibly along side a new pair of Air Structures which features a similar look.

Nike Air Max 90 - Black/White/Blue/Red
Nike Air Max 90 - Black/White/Blue/Red
Nike Air Max 90 - Black/White/Blue/Red

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  1. These are out now and they come with a second set of laces (yellow) to match the tongue logo. The white pattern is printed in some sorta gel feels interesting. Mesh is very durable different to mesh on my other 90's. Bit to out there for me.

  2. i like them

    and the matching yellow laces on those could really set theese off.

    gonna go cop theese

  3. i just hate different colour stitching on the swoosh whether its 90s or af1s, it makes them look cheap every time

  4. I'm feeling Adam on the contrasting stitching on the swoosh, but other than that these are hot!!! I love the mesh toe box and the color scheme in general. These out already??? I find that a little hard to believe!!! However, if they are (truth) where did you see these and did you see a full size run?

  5. Yeah just saw them yesterday up in the city here in sydney, full size run everything was legit (they just took em out of the boxes). There's also alot of valentine shoes 90's stabs courtforces dropping aswell.