Nike Air Max 1 Thunder Camo

Seen in the 2008 Nike catalog, this pair of Air Max 1 features a mixture of patterns and materials including thunder camo at the heel and mesh, suede and leather throughout the shoe. This is one of Nike’s thrown together shoes where it doesn’t seem to blend well. With every good looking shoe put out by Nike there are five that are like this which don’t seem to blend. Via SneakerFreaker.


  1. hmm lets see…

    black shoe

    off-white midsole

    red accents

    random blue at the top

    and some black and white garbage at the heel

    WTH NIKE??

  2. It's not even the colors it's just materials man. Nike needs to go back to their old ways and stop putting out garbage


  3. Not the best but, certainly not the worst. I'm feeling the lightning(lightning you can see, thunder you can only hear people)camo on the heel panneling. And even though some won't agree me but, the colorway freakishly go together pretty well compared to some of the colorways that have been put together on certain Nike models in the '07. Hey, to each his own. I'm not rushing to cop these but, if I happen to run into these on a humble, it'll be worth the scratch to cop these. 3 ***'s and a 1/2 out of 5.


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