Nike Air Max 1 - Tartan Plaid

The Nike Air Max 1 seen above is the latest of the popular running line to featured a tartan plaid design on the upper. Made up of a patchwork like pattern, different types of plaid and other patterns appear from the ankle area to the toe. However, a black leather panel, swoosh, laces and sole compliment the busy the upper. Via LaMJC.

Nike Air Max 1 - Tartan Plaid
Nike Air Max 1 – Tartan Plaid


  1. I can see puttin this allover plaid theme on some SB shoes, but I dont get why they are messing up AM1's?

  2. ^Why would you wear these with plaid? Be more creative. looking like a fool walking down the street looking like a Christmas present.

  3. All you need is like a lil red…and the other color den you good….some of yall muthafuckas dont know how to rock some fucking shoes …..Yall need some fucking help