Nike Air Max 1 and 90 Earthquake Part 2

Huf has had the chance to design some very nice Nikes, and now we can add two new pairs to the list. Here we have the Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Air Max 90 done in the traditional Earthquake schemes. The Air Max 1 features a Charcoal, Neon Green color ways and the Air Max 90 contains White, Blue. A release date or any other information is not known at this point, but when made available Sneakerfiles will have it. Via Slam.

Nike Air Max 1 and 90 Earthquake Part 2


  1. i wonder if these are going to be as big as the last "earth quakes" we have. if so i wonder what the retail price will be so if i was you i would get doubles…..but still to many shoes at once in general

  2. They are gonna be released at the two huf locations in sf and the two undftd locations in socal. no word on release dat sometime in october i asked a dude at huf in person

  3. boy i like all the air maxes dose are my favorite shoes does is the shoes i wear and they will be the only shoes i will wear AIR MAXES 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  4. NIKE AIR CLASSIC BW ST sz 8 STASH max limited vi 90 sb and the white and bluuu nike air are daaamn fuckin hooot booi .. how much are theem ???


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