The Nike Air Foamposite “Supreme” shoes were flying off of the shelves with their debut release this past weekend. The super limited shoes were so highly anticipated, a riot broke out at the Supreme NYC flagship shop. Taking it one step further with the level of exclusivity, UK sneaker artist, Kicks On The Moon, takes on the Supreme theme with the Nike Air Huarache. The Nike Air Huarache Supreme inspired customs by Kicks On The Moon see the regal Supreme print along the front the shoes. While the overlays on the rear of the shoe maintain red and black tones, the front of the shoe sees most the action. These customs are finished off with a clean and crisp white sole. The black version of these shoes are already gone, but the red editions will have 3 of every size 6-11, and will be available from Kicks On The Moon! You feeling these more than the Nike Air Foamposite “Supreme” shoes?

nike-air-huarache-supreme-inspired-customs-kicks-moon nike-air-huarache-supreme-inspired-customs-kicks-moon

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