Nike Air Force Max Retro

Coming back from the days of Charles Barkley and the Fab Five at the 1993 NCAA is the Nike Air Force Max Retro. The 1990s was the best year for Nike’s hands down, and you will slowly get your chance to own pairs from that decade again. Available now at Finishline. Thanks to KICKSFELLA of the Forum for the heads up.

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  1. I would love to have a pair of these again they were the best shoes I had!!!!!! Anyone know if I can get a pair again?

  2. I agree with you Troy, I’d like a pair of these myself also. Check the new “get fresh air” nike ad. Nike is bringing back some of the sickest kicks I.e. uptempos and griffey’s.

  3. These are my Favourite shoes in the world! I had them in both white and black and i would do anything to get my hands on them again… US 9

  4. Had a pair when they first came out back in the day and loved them. Wish I could get my hands on a couple of pairs.