Nike Air Force 1 Year of the Pig

Here is a pair of Nike Air Force 1s that went over a lot of heads, and I am honestly shocked. Nike will also release a pair of Air Force 1s to accommodate for the Year of the Pig. Even though this model is for the Year of the Pig, the material used is cowhide. More information, retail price and release date coming soon, via Garlap.


  1. what da hell is goin on with this shoe????????? i dont even see nobody groovin on this pair. come on nike lets get it back.

  2. dhg yg yyffjt yukg,jydgrd j,ygiugiyu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    where to get them from… he he hehe tee he! Hee tee… woteva. Bwer! gdiewduw.ld


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