Nike Air Force 1 Wind Runner

With the cold weather upon us, Nike will launch a special Air Force 1 Wind Runner. This zip up Nike Air Force 1 Hoodie is truly unique with some of the all time greatest AF1s featured all over. Releasing this Saturday October 20th for ¥36,750 (around $318 USD) at Nike1Love stores.

Nike Air Force 1 Wind Runner
Nike Air Force 1 Wind Runner


  1. They kinda tight, but am i going blind? $318 is ludicrous! I think Nike is something some opium over there in Japan.

  2. I don't think it's that bad, $318 isn't asking enough if you ask me…….sike, you gotta b crazy rich (or jus flat out crazy) to do some bullcrap like that!

  3. The sweater is ill. I like the leather pannel with the Nike Air logo on it(especially on the black one). But $318!!!??? As old as I am, the old BK thug in me says "FU*@ THAT"!!! For a SWEATER that's only going to seen in the spring, fall, and then under a coat for the winter… You can kiss my entire ass! Drop the price($150 to $200 the most)and i'll cop it. Still 5 *****'s outta' 5. I gotta' get whatever the people who set the retail prices at Nike smoke!

  4. come on i could buy a marmot with 318…nike must be really needing some money..i know nike is desperate but they take that to a whole nother level

  5. thats a bad ass sweatchirt, but dang that price needs to go a bit lower .,thats to much there i could buy like 4 pairs of air force's .,but cant deni it its a bad ass one there……..

  6. please send free samples conyact me on my email ad. plz consida that i am gay and purple and lime green go with my rasta complexion