If you’re from a Chinese/Asian household or a fan of Chinese Porcelain art and furniture pieces, this next Custom Nike Air Force 1 may look all too familiar. This custom AF1 by C2, features an all white leather upper, blue insole and accenting with a composition of various ‘Chinese Porcelain’ style markings and patterns.

The design of this custom is inspired by the Chinese antiques on display at the Hong Kong Museum of Art , which C2 (Chris Hui) visited while studying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. As Chris would put it, his goal was

“pull elements from my favorite pieces in the museum and create a piece composed of several individual designs.  Each major panel of the sneaker would be unique from each other, while still combining to form a single composition as a whole.”

 Each design was hand painted by C2 with paint inspired by the cobalt caligraphy ink, the Chinese used to paint the porcelain, centuries ago. For more on this story and more shots of the sneaker, check out







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