Some of the hottest one-of-a-kind pairs of the Nike Air Force 1 come out of the Bespoke studio because, there, sneakerheads are given the chance to take their imagination and make a dream colorway come true. The GDP & Ramon Cerda Bespoke session is a great example of this. The red pair by Ramon Cerda could even come in handy now that the Christmas season is upon us. However, it is not available to us as a general release. But Nike still sets out to have us covered.

Pictured here is a Nike Air Force 1 low that WOULD be perfect for the Christmas season AND should be more easily accessible than a Bespoke pair. It comes with a completely red upper and outsole, while a very light bone tint is used on the midsole, laces, and ankle lining. There is no set release date, but rest assured we’ll bring you that information as soon as we get a hold of it. For now, how many of you think this would be something you’d love get for someone (including perhaps yourself) as a Christmas present? Let us know your thoughts after the jump, where you can also find more pictures of this red Nike Air Force 1 low.


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