Nike Air Force 1 Charles Barkley Pack

Charles Barkley will have an abundance of Nike Air Force Ones releasing to contribute to his career. Each team he played for will have around 3 Air Force Ones releasing which are the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and Houston Rockets. Also a special Olympic Air Force One will release in honor of his Olympic appearance in 1992 and resembles the Air Force 180. Expect them to release later this year, via icopjordans23.

Nike Air Force 1 Charles Barkley Pack
Nike Air Force 1 Charles Barkley Pack


  1. the whole pack is fresh as hell. im really feelin those black hi-tops though, whateva store they at in the Chi, im gon get em. cant deny dem mids either… the stitching make em look clean

  2. they need to keep droppin hi-tops though cuz they nike fell off on that. i damn near had every FRESH colorway on the hi-top tip

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