No customizing concept is better in factory production, than Nike’s Bespoke line up. With the Nike Air Force 1 being the canvas, it’s really no surprise that this line up is so successful at such a premium price tag.

We’ve seen Bespoke AF1s in the past such as the Iron Man mock-up and 5-Star General’s Camo, and today, we show you a Bespoke AF1 that’s as unique as the rest,  the Nike Air Force 1 “Brand Knew” by Zachery Suchin.

This AF1 features a patent buffed upper in navy blue, black linen toe-box and lace paneling and Swoosh, patent leather heel panel in grey and an elephant print inner sock liner. The shoe comes complete with a touch of pink and waxed laces and custom lace lock.

These are most definitely a 1 of 1 look.  Props to Zachery for creating such a unique touch on a classic.




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