For most sneaker connoisseurs and students of the “game”, the Nike Air Force 1 will always be one of the most iconic sneaker models ever. Since its inception in 1982, this sneaker has grown in popularity and over the years has served as a platform to timeless custom creations and artwork, limited edition colorways, signature releases, pristine packaging and themes, and above all, has connected the people throughout. Let’s not forget!

To commemorate the Nike Air Force 1’s 30th Anniversary, Nike Sportswear has released a brand new collection of Nike AF1 t-shirts. This is only the beginning of what NSW has in store for us this year for this great, but as always, you can bet your hard-earned money that SneakerFiles will be there to bring you all the latest news first!

Be sure to check out more detailed images of the shirts below and hit up your local NSW retailer for pricing and availability.