Riots broke out when the Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite sneakers dropped earlier this month. Since then, we’ve all been seeing our most well-connected sneakerhead buds taking IG pics of their Supreme kicks, but sneaker artist FBCC NYC, is about to stop all that, creating a two-shoe pack of similarly designed Foamposites- but way more epic! The Nike Air Foamposite “Versace” custom pack by FBCC have a black and a multicolored shoe, with the Versace Medusa logo appearing all over. The uppers of the shoes maintain the original glossy aesthetic, but these shoes don’t need any help shining. Further details come down to the soles. The black pair comes in with an icy outsole, while the multicolor sneakers continue the theme. Versace style bordering strips appear on the heel tabs of the tongues to finish off these bad boys. Hard choice, but if I had to pick a pair between these or the Supremes, I’d have to side with FBCC! What do you think? Check out more pictures below, and let us know!

nike-air-foamposite-versace-custom-pack-fbcc nike-air-foamposite-versace-custom-pack-fbcc nike-air-foamposite-versace-custom-pack-fbcc

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