Nike Air Foamposite Pro 'Pearl'Foamposite heads will be pleased to know that if you missed out on last year’s House of Hoops release of the ‘Pearl’ Foamposite Pro, they are set to come back this Fall/Winter season.

The only thing that has changed from the previous release is the addition of a tinted clear outsole. It is rumored the blue tint will help with the yellowing issue clear soles have had since birth.

Personally I would have rather seen this colorway applied to the Foamposite One, instead we just get the same old re-release Sneakerheads are starting to get accustom to.

Would you have rather seen the ‘Pearl’ applied to the Foamposite One or even the Nike ½ Cent rather than another re-release?

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  1. Im Coppin These On RD. You Got To If You Plan On Gettin A Pair For Retail. But I Wanna See These On A Pair Of Halfcents. I May Try An Do A Photoshop. All They Gotta Do Is Make It A Pearl Colorway With A Black Check An Red Lightning.

  2. I would much rather c this colorway on the Foamposite One cuz the big ass swoosh kills it for me

  3. These are not pearl white foamposite,, these are "pearl cream foamposite" and that's how they should've been advertised as that. The real "Pearl White Foamposite" were the House of Hoops release in 2009. Am I the only one that realize this, or maybe no one really have the house of hoops pearl white foamposites anymore to see that these two foamposites are two different colors (really different) and they both go by the same name as "Pearl White"! People please get your eyes checked.

  4. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.