nike-air-foamposite-nelson-mandela-customs-by-smooth-tip-productionsIt is never too late to pay respects to one of the greatest revolutionary figures in history. Nelson Mandela was a man who made great strides for equal rights in South Africa, and became the first black president of South Africa, after spending nearly three decades in prison for leading protests against the corruption happening in his own country. Today, sneaker artist, Smooth Tip, is paying homage to the late Mandela, with a new pair of custom Nike Air Foamposites.

The Nike Air Foamposite “Nelson Mandela” customs by Smooth Tip Productions have a black base with hand painted portraits on the glossy uppers. While an African-inspired print covers the the front the shoes, larger sized portraits dominate the shoes near the rear and sides of the shoes. An image of Mandela, a lion, a South African flag, and different peace-related insignia find their way onto the shoes, in colorful tones, which compliment the gradient outsoles on the bottom.

These truly are a work of art. Just the idea and conceptualization is dope, and Smooth Tip Productions‘ hand painted artwork on the shoes take these Foams to a whole other level. Check out some more angles on these Nelson Mandela Foams, down below!

nike-air-foamposite-nelson-mandela-customs-by-smooth-tip-productions nike-air-foamposite-nelson-mandela-customs-by-smooth-tip-productions-2 nike-air-foamposite-nelson-mandela-customs-by-smooth-tip-productions