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Nike Air Foamposite “Blue Foams” Customs by Alberto Lou

nike-air-foamposite-blue-foams-customs-by-alberto-louThe red moon a few weeks ago sent nerds everywhere into a fluster of excitement, but if you’re a habitual moon-dweller, the simple beauty of a full, glowing moon is majestic enough. There’s something calming about staring at the moon. Even though there has been moon explorations, and decade-long observations for life, there’s still a sense of mysteriousness that beams from the night sky. Alberto Lou uses the majestic lunar body as the inspiration for a pair of 1-of-1 custom Nike Air Foamposites.

The Nike Air Foamposite “Blue Foams” customs by Alberto Lou see a crater-filled, blue visual of the surface of the moon covering the uppers. White is used to outline the craters that spread throughout the glossy uppers, which are enhanced by the icy white, rubber outsoles. A zestful orange lines the shoes, along the white lacing and ankle collars. If you find yourself outside, looking at the stars and moon, imagine taking a glance down at your now-glowing kicks! The chubby silhouette of the Foams are perfect for capturing and framing a dreamy design, such as this one.

Alberto Lou is constantly knocking out great customs, and this is another one for his portfolio! Seeing these makes us wish we could get our hands on these. Check out a photo of the shoes in daylight, down below!


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