Kevin Garnett and his signature Air Flightposite II sneakers helped bring Nike into the new millennium with a bang. Now, almost ten years later, the model is ready to see a long overdue retrofitting. Previewed in June, we now have some more detailed images of the Black/Black colorway from the model’s two-part 2010 release. Although the shoe no longer bares the Garnett name, the model appears to be otherwise unchanged, the hidden laces and sleek silhouette still creating that undeniably futuristic look. Scheduled to hit retailers on January 16th, the release will certainly be a good start to the new year.





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  1. These are freshh might copp

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  2. I remember having this pair back in '00 or '01. I had the green bluish pair. forgot the color. but yah this must cop!

  3. Oh yeah they fell apart fast a shiit. I mean EVERYTHING fell apart, the sole's, the zipper, the carbon fiber, the flight p sticker on the back, the dots on the side, I really Hope the Retro's are better quality. but a must copp regardless

  4. The silhouette of the shoe is awsome, but the black/black ones are the weakest of them all, im going to have to hold out and hope they drop a better colorway, preferably eggplant