Nike Air CB34 Retro Round 2

Some additional pictures have released of the Nike Air CB34 Retro and after reading many of your opinions we can definitley see that 50 percent love them while the other half hates them. But one thing I can easily say is this has got to be the best color way to release compared to the others.

The same topic seems to come up with every sneaker produced by Nike, Did they butcher the CB34? Post your thoughts and opinions and lets see the turn out. Via Jordan8420.

Nike Air CB34 Retro Round 2
Nike Air CB34 Retro Round 2

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  1. nice but like all nike re-releases they had to take some things(great things)out. half of that stuff would have to be paid for by nike to keep that stuff on. they paying charles and best belive they still payin penny just to put his old logo on the foamposites. why do you think they took deions face and the black paint and gold check off nof the dt trainer? you figure it out. ya dig!

  2. Oh man! prayers do get answered! I played High School ball in these and I can't wait to have them again.

  3. They look pretty legit to me, and believe me they did buthcer the dt max like no f*cking other

  4. I feel that Charles himself tarnished his line of shoes and appereal. He's a joke as a analyst and a commentator. He may of been a good ball player, but thats about the extent of his highlights in life .

    His commercials with Dwayne Wade border line homosexuality , not to mention his decision to kiss the ref. on the lips at the "All Star weekend" events. I mean seriously a hug at the most would of sufficed , but he took it somewhere else with that freak show.

    I speak for myself when I say that i personally will never again purchase, wear ,or support C.B. on no level .

    The next shoe for Barkley should be in a rainbow colorway with John Gacy's face on the side of them.

    To sum it up F@#k Charles Barkley.

  5. classic shoe ruined. they just look boring an unorignial. I will buy them when they hit the niketown outlets.

  6. I think these shoes are pretty nice. I'm guessing the ogs were better though . I still would cop though