Towards the end of March, we brought to your attention some high-quality resolution images of the varsity red/white-black Nike Air Carnivore that was getting ready for a 2010 return- 17 years after first releasing in 1993. Now we can also say inform you of the projected April 16, 2010 release date for this loved sneaker and fan favorite among many sneaker circles around the world. The Nike Air Carnivore comes with a mostly open upper that is steadied and anchored thanks to an involved system of ankle and midfoot straps. The popular red/white/black colorway is then also complimented by some brown jungle-like pattern. Enjoy some more pictures of this upcoming retro after the jump, and let us know if you’ll be hunting these down.
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  1. idk i might get them but i will have to think about btw does anyone no how much they are selling 4

  2. @Ryan….if you have to ask, your to young!!

    anyways, these are ok, the other colorway is much better.

  3. yea if u have to ask u are too young and they goin for 110, i just copped the other color way

  4. First of all, these shoes are rip-offs from the Deon Sanders. Second, this isn't even an O.G. color scheme. These shoes were lame when I was in high school and they're lame now.

  5. I wanna know when we're gonna see the all time sick David Robinson "air command force" pumps or the second addition "180 pumps" those shoes came out around the same time and were way sicker. The "air ups" "solo flights" "flight lights" all would of been better choices as well. Who ever decides what shoes to retro should be fired I mean look what we've had lately, penny's, garnets,griffey jr., SO LAME!

  6. i hate how little cats these days that call themselves shoeheads question what these are, i mean if you are a true shoe head, you would be aware of these shoes. 1993, same year the AJ 8 came out, similar silhouette and even have cross straps. i mean, i still got an OG pair of these, even if these shoes were a little lame, i mean its great to see these things back in business. better than fusions brehs

  7. these would be a definite cop for my collection but im working on the nike sb collection right now

  8. Big Mase-These are OG color way. I had a pair back then. lol

    They are not Deion Sanders rip offs. These are true retro because they are the same design and colorway.