Nike Air Assault - Black/Royal Blue

A new pair of Nike Air Assaults have popped up on Finishline’s website with a price tag of $115. A simple Black and Royal Blue color-way is one of many simple yet eye catching color-ways of the Air Assault line.


  1. Classic old school at it's best. But they could've done something to give em' that bling. They just don't have that heat level that would make people wanna' jump on these like they did for the Air Bakin'. 3 ***'s and a 1/2 out of. It's ashame, these were definitely making noise back in the day. The Air Assault still has a lot of promise though. Hopefully better colorways will bring these back to that 4 to 5 star class.

  2. man them westside bad boys is expensive pop ma slab on 24 bounce playa got me stuck on this craka wit cheese


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