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New Release | PUMA Mobium Elite

Oh did Ray Horecek and the PUMA innovation team aim for the stars with this new design. PUMA introduces the Mobium Elite, the pure nature of performance. While fiddling around with contraction and expansion, designer Ray Horecek and PUMA successfully developed a sole that spreads naturally to cushion any impact. There are three main parts of this shoe that makes it what it is, the mobium band, windless chassis, and expansion pods. We already understand that the mobium band is powered by the force applied which returns more of a spring whenever contacted. The windless chassis changes in length, height, and proportion along with your foot’s natural movement. And the expansion pods provide cushioning, protection, and flexibility where needed the most. All three are explained more in detail on PUMA’s site. Many colorways are already available for purchase on the PUMA website as well.

Besides the one of a kind technology, the Mobium Elite is stylish from the tongue down. The open upper air mesh, lace closure, and synthetic overlay should be a very popular feature on the shoe. The Mobium Elite has defiantly just distinguished itself between other running athletic sneakers. What are your thoughts on the PUMA Mobium Elite model? Leave a comment after the jump.

New Release PUMA Mobium Elite

New Release PUMA Mobium Elite 2

New Release PUMA Mobium Elite 3

New Release PUMA Mobium Elite 4

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