New Nike Retro Air Assault

The second edition to the Nike Retro Air Assault is a White/Black-Varsity Red color way that recently released. They are available at many nation wide sneaker stores and retail is $89.99.

New Nike Retro Air Assault

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  1. i got these ..the shoes has gotten me some pretty hot compliments…..they're comfy and hot fiyah!

  2. lol i ordered these because they looked awesome…….i hope people think that they looked awesome also

  3. lol . i like em . but some of my friends dont like it >.>. ahah. i thought these were air forces at first @_@

    anways thesse are nice!!

  4. i love those shoes ima try to get them tomorw at foot locker or somwhere. o and i like em better in red not in blue

  5. omfg
    pleasetellme how to buy these i see that some person said that theyordered theses and ireallywanna nohow becasue i want these shoes really badly..soo please hitme back

  6. the shoes are okay but how can I get some there is no number on here to get more enfo about the shoes that I wont and if i was to buy some shoes I pay with money, cash so if you can help me I can buy some shoes bbecause god nos I need them!

  7. where can you find these shoes in a location near Elizabeth City,North Carolina or Norfolk, Virgina