New Nike Air Max 90 Winter 2007

To start, this is Nike Air Max 90 is apart of a pack but at this moment the name is not known. Three pairs are involved, but one of the pairs of Nike’s in this pack is quoted “absolutely Kill it”, so I am anxiously waiting to see this. This Nike Air Max 90 is slated for a Winter 2007 release, via Fatlace.

New Nike Air Max 90 Winter 2007
New Nike Air Max 90 Winter 2007


  1. the one that is supposed to "kill it"

    is the cb34's. and theyre right, they kill a fu&^ing classic shoe and butcher it to death.

    but im sure most kids on here will like them, which is so unfortunate.

  2. I agree with cmw although i am a kid (17 years old) these aint clean. I like nike but as of late (like the past 6 years) these random ass colors they put together on SBs, retros and most of all air max 90s piss me off. I know they've set a trend that helps push non-prosaic colors to the spotlight but tell me, seriously, what the hell can u wear with these except a grandpa sweater? If nike makes any clothes that match with this the clothes are going to look stupid. these should stay samples. the colors do remind me of fall and winter except the purple but they deserve to be together on the canvas in a painting not a shoe


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