New Nike Air Max 1 Yellow Safari

A new pair of Nike Air Max 1 Safari have hit stores, this time the main color is Yellow. Very nice selection of colors using Red on the Nike Swoosh, White and Yellow uppers, a Leopard print toe box and heel. Although this pair has been pretty low key, I am sure they will sell well. Available now at Livestock.


  1. Please put these cheetah sneakers away your killing nike stop hiring these terrible designers. who ever made this sneakers should get shot in a drive by then ran over by a New York city Bus.

  2. The doofiest pair of sneakers I've ever seen. They must of thought that putting the cheetah print on these would pimp these out. Did we just get PUNKED?

  3. i think these would be kind of fly if you were a stuck-in-the-closet drag queen.

    like a big black dude who just wants to wear white high heels, yellow pants, a cheetah blouse and red lipstick… but couldn't because his dad and friends would be really pissed

    he could just rock these right?


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