New Kevin Durant Signature Nike Shoe

A new picture has hit the internet of what appears to be another Nike signature shoe designed for Kevin Durant. Not much information has been released about this new model, however we do know that it features a Black/Blue color-way with Red, White and Blue laces and Yellow stitching and sole. Stay tuned for information. Via [NT].

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  1. Nike, come on, 2 or 3 colors is enough.

    Maybe they're trying to conceal the new Oklahoma City Sonics colorway.

  2. i'll copp them and never wear and sell them in like 20 years when durrant become an hall of famer ya dig and sell them for like 10 stacks

  3. much better than the first KD shoe which looked cheap. I agree that the old school style sole/air window looks cool.

  4. on da real…. kevin durant aint really doin anything for the sonics right now…. i live in seattle and im hoping they finally sell the sonics to anyone who will buy them…. plus these shoes are garbage…..

  5. Why the hell would Horford be the ROY? He's putting up like 9 points and 10 rebounds…that aint nothing to brag about. Dwight Howard put up 12 and 10 his rookie year and had a better team than Charlotte…and Okafor still got the award because he had better individual performances.

  6. THESE ARE NOT HIS SIG SHOES! he has yet to get a signature sneaker, right now all he’s wearing is nike basketball shoes with his logo on them, including these.
    they’re called the Nike Blue Chip TB. just a team sneaker in a funny colorway with his logo on them

  7. Al Horford = ROY award. Durant has shown me nothing this year, except for a smooth jumper that bricks off the rim. Ok, so he has a game winner but it was bound to happen. Hopefully, Durant gets better but until he does, he deserves these ugly pieces of trash on his feet.

  8. This will be KD's signature shoe although it is being released in a team silhouette. This color way is in honor of Kevin's McDonald's HS All America accomplishment.